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Our Story

The history of the Amberley Lime Works quarry, now known as Iron Ridge Quarry Sculpture Park, has been rewritten by the transformative efforts of Raymond Herber. Situated in this once derelict quarry, Raymond's workshop now stands as a testament to his vision and hard work.

Old Quarry photos 5.jpg
Old Quarry photos 1.jpg
Old Quarry photos 1.jpg

In 1997, Raymond acquired the property and embarked on the formidable task of turning the abandoned quarry into a captivating outdoor exhibition space. With determination and resourcefulness, Raymond acquired a 20-ton excavator and a 10-ton tip truck. Over time, he tirelessly moved 350 truckloads of topsoil from a neighboring farm onto the site. Like a child with his Tonka toys, Raymond skillfully shaped the landscape, creating an environment where plants could thrive.

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Given the challenging and arid climate, Raymond carefully chose hardy native plants as the perfect complement to the transformed quarry. Today, the Iron Ridge Quarry Sculpture Park stands as a unique haven, attracting visitors from far and wide who come to picnic, relax, and appreciate the breathtaking sepultures and landscape setting.

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Present day

Throughout the property, Raymond's beautiful and sometimes whimsical works of art are on display, captivating and inspiring people of all ages. His creations guarantee to entertain and spark imagination, leaving a lasting impression on those who visit the park. With Raymond's dedication, the Amberley Lime Works quarry has been reborn as a magical destination where art and nature harmoniously intertwine.

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